Last of the Breed - Analogue. Involving. Rewarding.

The Vencer Sarthe is the result of years of quiet and thorough development of a niche and completely new supersportscar. The Sarthe is the brainchild of Robert Cobben. Right from the start Robert had a clear objective in mind: to build a real analogue supercar of the type you cannot buy anymore.

The Sarthe is inspired by the iconic 80’s race cars competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. With a distinctive design and analogue character, these cars were purpose built to endure the harsh circumstances of the famous race. Named after its famous circuit “de la Sarthe”, the key success factors of these 80’s racers have been incorporated in the Vencer Sarthe and given a modern day interpretation.

It is a car for connoisseurs who admire purity, rarity and analogue driving pleasure. In a modern digital world of mass production, hybrid technology, paddle shift automated gearboxes and electronic driver interference we believe a pure and rare drivers car is more relevant than ever.

The Vencer Sarthe provides you a proper analogue feel as we left out unnecessary computerized driving assistance that often covers chassis and handling imperfections, taking away the soul of any car. Instead, we utilize genuine engineering solutions that allow you to be at the center of the involvement.

A very powerful engine, lightweight chassis and manual gearbox are the three key ingredients of the Sarthe to deliver you an evolving driving experience. Driver aids are kept to a minimum in order to give the car a pure an analogue character, without compromising safety and driving comfort. The Sarthe does not tell you how to drive, but lets you concentrate on enjoying pure driving pleasure.

Overall, the Vencer Sarthe strikes the perfect balance between an analogue past and modern day comfort.