Vencer Design Contest Top Three


After an exciting final race of the design contest, the competition is now closed. Initiated back in May 2012, a total of over 350 contestants have uploaded their designs of their ultimate supercar. With over 100.000 unique visitors and no less than 90.000 voters judging the designs, the Vencer design contest can be called a big success. The three designs with the most likes are:

In first place: The Vencer Nopeasti from Stevie (Finland)


In second place: The Vencer Vainqueur from CLDesigns (USA)


In third place: The Vencer Galena from Greg (Australia)


The idea behind the Vencer Design Contest arose during the development of Vencer project #1, to start a community-driven development of a new car with petrolheads all over the world. The aim of the contest has been to use the creativity, taste, and power of the entire world to create a potential second Vencer model. By creating a platform for ambitious designers, we offered means to get design talent noticed.

Now that the Vencer Design contest today has come to an close, the first three entries will be examined for approval. In the coming weeks, the required 3D designs from the contestants are judged upon originality, technical feasibility as well as compliance with prevailing regulations. The 3D designs are to be handed in before the end of the year and the definitive winners will be announced in mid-January 2014.

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