At Vencer, we are committed to creating unique supercars with true character. We are a specialized company producing cars for enthusiasts like you, who share the sheer satisfaction of driving, unhindered and pure, as it is supposed to be.

Strong commitment and craftsmanship are essential parts of our DNA. We build cars with the kind of commitment and determination that only small, focused and passionate companies can have. Built with integrity, passion and dedication, the team of Vencer knows what it takes to deliver you the most rewarding driving experience.

We are driven by those who said it couldn’t be done. Vencer signifies “to win and overcome” and we have continued to work on our dream with clear conviction. Together with our high-end automotive partners who share the same passion, my dream has resulted in the Vencer Sarthe. Extensive development and collaboration has resulted in a high quality, light and analogue driver’s car. The Sarthe embodies our vision about a great supercar; distinctive and rare, purpose built and very powerful, yet unpretentious as well as surprisingly comfortable.

The Sarthe provides the perfect inspiration for the future of our brand. When you become a Vencer owner, you acquire much more than just an exceptional car. Not only we will continuously make sure you get to enjoy the unique excitement of the car, but you’re also joining a very select family of driving enthusiasts who are truly passionate about their cars.

Robert Cobben

CEO & Founder