A Vencer is not made by hundreds of people or computers. Neither is a Sarthe built through complex automated assembly processes, nor will it ever be produced in large numbers. We want to ensure something truly special, rare and collectable. The Sarthe is a choice for those who appreciate style, serious performance as well as refinement, but who are not afraid to be different.

Hand-built dedication.

The Sarthe is developed and hand built in the Netherlands by a team of dedicated professionals that put their heart and soul into their work. Our commitment to manufacture an exquisite supercar and determination to go the extra mile will make your car truly one of a kind. In our new facility every Sarthe is meticulously hand-built to specific customer requirements ensuring absolute exclusivity, desirability and collectability.

Building childhood dreams.

We strongly believe that the personal relationship between a customer and manufacturer is key to a satisfying ownership of your supercar. We realize childhood dreams of building your supercar to specific request. During the build you are invited to view the progress of the car and to jointly decide on requirements. No Vencer will ever be the same, just as yours should reflect your unique personality. With great attention to detail, each Sarthe is bespoke and your car will be finished to your personal taste.  Evidently we provide an extensive range of colours, leather and material trim finishes, as well as a wide range of additional options to make your car truly individual.