Vencer was founded in 2010 committed to building rare and bespoke hand-built supercars for passionate enthusiasts who share the sheer satisfaction of driving; unhindered and pure, as it is supposed to be. Made out of high-end OEM technology of proven reliability and offering dynamic and aesthetic purity, Vencer creates exceptional cars delicate with character that ensures an involving driving experience.

Monaco world premiere.

In 2013 a preproduction prototype of the Vencer Sarthe was revealed by Prince Albert II of Monaco at Top Marques exhibition in Monaco. A few months later, in September 2013 Vencer was invited at Salon Privé for the UK debut of the Sarthe, where we were awarded “Most Sensational Supercar 2013”. Meanwhile Vencer has gone through a period of thoroughly testing with their last (red) pre-production car to validate all new technology for the production model of the Vencer Sarthe. With over 100 changes and modifications made on the production model, the Vencer Sarthe MY2015 is the result of years of extensive development by a dedicated and passionate team.

Hand-built in Holland.

The vision of Vencer resulted in collaboration with high-end OEM automotive suppliers and freelance experts willing to go the extra mile to develop a unique car with true character and analogue feel. By following this trajectory Vencer has achieved to manufacture a distinctive, light and pure drivers car, with a clear focus on road-use. The Sarthe is an exceptional supercar that involves all your senses of what nowadays is becoming increasingly rare. In our new facility every Sarthe is meticulously hand-built to specific customer requirements ensuring absolute exclusivity, desirability and collectability.