A new masterpiece forms an integral part of the Vencer philosophy relating to the commitment to sheer driving pleasure. The Vencer 6.3L V63SC engine is a new development for the MY 2015 model. This powerful eight-cylinder unit is composed of the best high-end OEM components available. Inspired by the ’80s Le Mans era, Vencer has incorporated a number of measures that have resulted in a powerhouse with impressive character. The engine stands out for its sublime power delivery, a deliberate broad power range and raw mechanical feel. The 6.3L V8 with supercharger boasts 622BHP (457kW) at 6500 rpm, and 838 Nm (618 lb-ft) of torque at 4000 rpm. Vencer has chosen to add a supercharger not only for increased power output, but also for immediate throttle response and impressive torque figures (650 Nm starting at 1500 rpm), adding to the driveability and agility of the car. As a result, the pounding heart of the Vencer Sarthe delivers exceptional performance that is unique in its segment.

Focus on driving essentials.

The engine is mounted deep into the chassis directly behind the driver, to ensure a lower centre of gravity, high lateral acceleration and optimal weight distribution. Next to this, the V8 is directly bolted onto the 6-speed transaxle gearbox with a Torsen limited slip differential. Double wishbones with adjustable suspension and anti-roll bar will ensure a pure and direct vehicle control without additional electronic interference. Only the essentials as ABS and EBD are present to properly support the driver in difficult and unsafe situations. Additionally, the integrated automatic rear spoiler increases down force on the rear axle, providing even more grip and high speed stability.

Durable lightweight construction.

The basis of the car is a hybrid space frame chassis, made of high grade tubular steel, with chrome-molybdenum safety structure and rear sub-frame. The floor of the Sarthe consists of an aluminium honeycomb structure. This combination of materials and techniques results in a lightweight, super strong and rigid chassis. For a low total weight and optimum safety, the body panels are made ​​of carbon fibre. The molds used for manufacturing these parts are precisely CNC manufactured to ensure the highest possible surface quality and accurate measurements. The total configuration of the Sarthe has an optimal weight distribution of 45% front and 55% at the rear. Overall, a sensational power delivery from the engine, a direct and undiluted hydraulic steering feel, a Torsen limited slip differential and optimized suspension for road-use ensure a truly convincing driving experience, whereas the optional four-wheel hydraulic lift system increases usability.