The Vencer Sarthe provides you a proper analogue feel, as we utilize genuine engineering solutions that allows the driver to be at the centre of the involvement. A very powerful engine, lightweight hybrid chassis and manual gearbox are the three key ingredients of the Sarthe to deliver you an involving driving experience. Driver aids are kept to a minimum in order to give the car a pure an analogue character, without compromising safety and driving comfort. As a result, the Vencer Sarthe strikes the perfect balance between an analogue past and modern day comfort.

Pure mechanical feel.

In the quest for a true analogue and mechanical feel Vencer has left out unnecessary computerized driving assistance, only leaving the true soul of the car. Genuine engineering solutions ensure an intrinsic balance that allows the driver to be at the centre of the involvement. The Sarthe does not tell you how to drive, but lets you concentrate on enjoying pure driving pleasure.

Involving experience.

The short nose of the Sarthe complemented by a long windscreen provides an impressive driving experience. With no distractions between the steering wheel and the road, the driver feels even more connected to the road. The combination of lightweight construction and strong performance results in a power to weight ratio of just 2,23 kg per horsepower, which make the car’s performance and dynamic abilities highly convincing.