A completely new interior design brings to life an extraordinary and refined feel, with a clear and minimalist focus on only driving essentials. The typical wide door sills, close-fitting cockpit and central driving position of the Sarthe together with a short nose design, complemented by a long windscreen with direct and unrestricted view on the tarmac, are providing an impressive driving experience that lets the driver become one with the open road.

Fit like a glove.

Whilst primarily built for speed and handling, the abilities of the Sarthe are not at the expense of comfort and usability. We have paid a lot of attention to the ergonomics and driver position and all components aboard the Sarthe are made for a purpose. The car fits like a glove when sitting in the hand stitched Alcantara leather sports seats, overlooking the clean interior with matching stitching and central CIS screen. To keep all driving distractions to a minimum, Vencer has developed its own Central Information System. The Vencer CIS system is a convenient and concise multitasking digital display that provides all critical information one may need at a glance.

Carbon Fibre interior. Bespoke finish.

All interior panels are produced in-house out of carbon fibre to further save weight. A two-tone leather interior with Alcantara inserts comes as standard and is available in virtually unlimited colour combinations. Also a wide variety of materials can be selected to further customize your car, with many bespoke options to make each Sarthe truly individual.