Today, Vencer announces that the company will relocate to a completely new facility in Vriezenveen.

The construction-workers already started on the groundwork , and the facility (1325m2) will be ready and operational at the end of 2012.

Vencer started with the development and prototype phase of the Sarthe in a small facility in Nijverdal. In the meantime the company grew rapidly, and to ramp up the production a more spacious facility is needed.

To produce by the COP (conformity of production) standards, the new facility will have a secluded warehouse and the build of the Sarthe will be done in several key-stages.

Besides the production area, there will be a separate showroom/reception area, R&D department, offices and a meeting/presentation room. The new facility will ensure that the customers will experience the uniqueness of  the Vencer brand. This location will become the birthplace for all the Sarthe customer cars.

Address : De Watergang 16, Vriezenveen

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