Robert Cobben, CEO from Vencer, is June 21 2012, the latest winner of the VentureLab Twente Growth Award (a silver lapel pin). At the end of the VentureLab year programme, the Growth Award is awarded to the participant that has shown the highest potential for business growth.

Cobben started Vencer at the end of 2010. Following the sale of his two firms, he decided to get this new high-end car brand off the ground. It belongs in the top market segment along with e.g. Lamborghini and Spyker. Cobben just loves beautiful sports cars. So, he decided to make them himself. Right from scratch. Cobben: “I was convinced I could do it, if I could just find the right team.

Vencer now employs a team of seven and a number of free lancers.

Vencer (Spanish for “conqueror”) is in a niche market. It will be an exclusive brand with distinctive high-tech elements in a limited edition. Cobben envisages a few dozen cars in the next five years: “We want to stay in the high-quality, hand-built segment. That is a very special market. People who want a car like that don’t want to be targeted. They look around themselves. We need to ensure that we’re well-known and that people look for us.”

After a year and a half of quiet development and construction, the release was started in May. Cobben expects to have the first Vencer Sarthe sold and on the road by the end of 2012.

Previous receivers of the Venturelab Twente Growth Award are amongst others EuroDev BV, SolMateS B.V. and IACS Solutions BV.